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N-Wissen offers wide range of chambers for VOC and formaldehyde emission test according  to ISO 16000-9, ASTM D6007-02, ASTM D5116, ASTM D6330, ASTM D6670-01, ASTM D7706-11, ASTM E1333, UNI CEN/TS 16516, GEV Testing Methods, EN  13419-1 and UNI 717-1 international standards. All chambers can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Click here for more information: VOC Emission Test Chambers
New Vertical Light Shelf for Bio Chambers

Our new Vertical Light Shelf 4 Blue & 4 Red LED can easily be used with our reach-in chambers (Models 600 / 1200) to test the effect of Red / Blue LED light on the plants. It can be added to the standard white LED light. The user can switch ON/OFF any of the Red/Blue lights for the testing purpose.
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