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Continuous oven

Continuous Ovens  (Conveyor Oven)

These ovens are used for continuous heat-treating for the cassette which carried the samples (example the liquid crystal LCD) cell under the CLASS100 clean condition.

The equipment consists of a stainless steel mesh conveyor system which enables connection and continuation conveyance of a cassette, and a whole control system in the main part equipment which have 4 temperature control zones which make proper curing possible. Moreover, the clean cure system by which the environment of the degree CLASS 100 of cleanness is acquired on a conveyor is adopted.
Technical Specifications:
conveyor Speed
Variable (Adjustable)
Temperature Range
Temperature Accuracy
60°C to 150°C
± 5°C at 150°C
Internal Dimensions (mm)
(W x D x H)
830 × 5800 × 600

External Dimensions (mm)
(W x D x H)

1450 x 7440 × 1580
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