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SOLARBOX 3000 - 3000E
SOLARBOX 3000: entry level economical model 1500 Watt Xenon lamp with irradiance control.

SOLARBOX 3000 E: tabletop enhanced model small dimension chamber with LCD display and 1500 Watt Xenon lamp, irradiance control, BST temperature control and flooding option to simulate rain and moisture.

The large dimensions of SOLARBOX 3000 and 3000e test chamber can accommodate 3 dimensional objects and finished industry products.

SOLARBOX 3000 - 3000E
SOLARBOX 3000 E with flooding option
Front Panel of SOLARBOX 3000

The SOLARBOX 3000 - 3000 E are ultimate filtered Xenon light exposure and weathering instruments which simulate realistic natural outdoor weathering conditions.

Accelerating the process requires the accurate reproduction of the sun’s rays.

The air cooled Xenon Lamp in the SOLARBOX replicates the total spectrum of the sun and not just the short wavelength UV, as we have using UVA or UVB fluorescent lamps.

Easily interchangeable light filters allow the reproduction of the specific spectral distributions found in your product’s end-use environments.

SOLARBOX 3000 standard versions include the following equipment:

  • Timer and time elapsed meter for accurate control of test sequence
  • Superior air cooled Xenon Lamp
  • Rotary knob to adjust irradiance level
  • Control system for constant irradiance
  • Basic 290 nm filter for maximum UV radiationeffect.

SOLARBOX 3000E enhanced models are additionally equipped with microprocessor control of irradiance, heat and flooding cycles, monitoring and controlling the test process:

  • Microprocessor controls for programming thetest parameters
  • LCD with 4 lines to display the test parametersand program menus
  • Control and monitoring of irradiance and blackpanel temperature
  • Optional measurement and display oftemperature and relative humidity in the testchamber
  • Free programming, up to 15 different testprograms, input via keyboard
  • Link-up with programmable flooding systemaccessories.
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