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GAS 410

Organic Solvent Recovery Unit: GAS 410
  • Highly safe N2 gas sealed circulation system is realized by connecting to a spray dryer unit.

  • This product is an organic solvent recovery system to be used to prevent discharging to outside, by using in combination with a spray dryer ADL311S-A or GB210-A when either of them uses an organic solvent.

  • By combination of a N2 gas sealed circulation system and a solvent recovery system with a freezer and capacitor, flammable or toxic solvent can be processed.

  • Drying of easily oxidized materials is possible. This unit supports low temperature drying and available for drying of materials that easily deform with heat.

  • Spray drying and recovery of products and solvents are performed with a meticulously devised safety measures.

  • Solvent recovery system: Capacitor + freezer
  • Circulating gas: N2 gas (sealed circulation when connected to ADL311S-A or GB210-A)
  • Circulating wind amount: 0.12 to 0.65 cubic-meter / minute
  • Linear compressor integrated
  • Solvent recovery container: 2 L flask
  • Safety unit: O2 density meter, flammable gas alarm, electric leakage breaker, N2 gas forced introduction (when removing nozzles)
  • Weight: 130 kg
  • External Size: W700 x D950 x H1,500 mm
  • Required N2 amount: 15 L/h at 0.1 MPa
Organic Solvent Recovery Unit
GAS 410
Spray drying and organice recovery unit
ADL-311S + GAS 410
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